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Mar 23, 2013 8:00am PDT
glimmer of the hope for bruins ends, minnesota a winner, 83-63. pacific coach, bob thompson as tigers try to take down two seed miami. good luck. miami up at the break. duran scott, five of 8 from beyond the arc. 78-49 against uop and they will play illinois next. cal will play syracuse and a spot in the sweet 16. they won their opening game 81-34. you heard the score right. syracuse big power and used to big stage but their coach worried about containing the pac-12 player of the year, alan crabbe. >> she tremendous shooter. one of the better shooters in the country. their point guard made so many really big plays. the game would have gone the other way but he made huge plays. >> miami extends their winning streak up to 25 games of them beat the pistons. they have lost ten that row. lebron, 29 points and bobcats are up next for miami. the weather outside was frightful. incredible scene for the u.s.a.-costa rica soccer world cup qualifier played in denver. they had to use yellow and purple ball. the only goal in the blizzard and the u.s. wins it 1-nil. mike shumann will be here for with al
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1